ALLSTAR Shock Shim Kit Deluxe

$ 80.00

Shock shims are placed directly onto the shock shaft to simplify fine tuning and setup of the suspension without disassembling or removing the shock. Shims are available in a variety of designs and colors.U-Shaped Shims are designed for quick removal and installation into tight stacks (where twisting the shim into the stack is not possible or the car is on the ground).Semi-Solid Shims are designed for quick installation and removal, will not fall out, requires 3/4″ of space to install/remove (typically installed on off-ground vehicle).2-Piece Collar Shims are designed to attach around the shaft of the shock and secure in place with a zip tie. Commonly used during initial set-up or to take up a large amount of travel.


  • Heavy Duty Composite Material Designed To
  • Fine Tune Shock Suspensions Without Disassembling The Shock
  • Available For 14mm & 16mm Shock Shaft Sizes


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Shim Kit Size

14mm, 16mm


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