Driver Development

Weather you are trying to take the next steps on your way to the top levels of NASCAR, or trying to run for a championship at your local track. Taking big steps with the handling of your car is only one part of the equation to running up front. A good car is only going to be as fast as the driver behind the wheel and at the same time a good driver could be limited by the cars handling. Having experienced drivers at the track is a big tool when it comes to development, but just as important, is having the ability to look at the data behind the driving. That’s where the data acquisition comes into play. Utilizing both of these aspects we have seen major improvements in driving and handling feedback. Here at WB Performance, not only do we have the experienced drivers at the track, but also utilize the data acquisition to get the most out of test days, and make sure you are taking the right steps forward. 

Maintenance Program

Owning your own car is a priority to a lot of racers, but not everyone has the knowledge or the time every day to keep the cars in prime condition to run up front. With skilled mechanics and engineers we take the hassle and stress out of getting your cars to the race track. Each program is different of course, but currently we have several trucks and late models being fielded out of the WBP shop. 

Geometry Service

Our vehicles geometry is everything. Center of gravity height and roll centers dictate how the vehicle weight is transferred to the ground. Add in springs, shocks, sway bars, track bars, watts link’s, tires and u have what seems to be a very difficult equation. WBP geometry services can pin point handling problems your experiencing and more importantly correct those problems. You will also learn more about your vehicle and develop tools to tune your vehicle. This service also points out changes that will need to be made for different track parameters.

Data Acquistion

Have you ever been in a situation where you can’t tell if it’s the driver or the car? If the driver says one thing but the hot data and times say something different? The data acquisition program helps us dig deeper into the problems you may be experiencing with the car or driver.  Our systems record anything from shock position, steering position, throttle position, brake pressure, tire temp, engine oil/water temp and pressure, engine and wheel rpm, GPS position, lateral/longitudinal/vertical accelerations and even ride height. All of these values allow us to tune in the vehicle and the driver. Having this information can help improve communication between the driver and crew. Also you can start making more accurate changes to the car to really fix what is actually happening, instead of a more trial and error strategy.

Find Out More

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