Load Dog Standard Edition

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The Asphalt Edition is ideal for any team looking to get the most of their race car. The Asphalt Load Dog can pull any car from a Cup car to a Legend car down. The rig comes with 2 hydraulic pull cylinders and can pull any 2 corners down at a time. Usually start with pulling the RF down and the LF travels far enough to get an accurate wheel load. When we have accurate travel lengths for each corner we can see what each tire load is at any point on track… Such as corner entry, middle, or exit in either corner. Or multiple corners if it comes to road courses. Additional Hydraulic Actuators and equipment can be added for $500 each actuator.

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Air over hydraulic  pumps
Works on any wheelbase and tread width
8″ travel front, 6″ travel rear
Use your scale pads or purchase new Wireless Proform scales for $800.
Roll off stands available for any height scale pad

Pull down rigs are the new gotta have, go fast tool.  While pull down rigs are very useful, they are not an absolute necessity to go fast.  We’ve produced a pull down rig that does the job without breaking the budget.  The Load Dog allows you to quickly measure dynamic cross/camber/caster/wheelbase/tread width/Front and Rear geometry and check for binds in your shop or even at the track.  Complete most of your setup work on the included roll off stands to speed up the process.

All that is needed is travel data for your particular setup and track and the Load Dog will give you accurate, affordable information.

The WBP Load Dog has the racer in mind.  It has the best value on the market, utilizing simple hydraulics the Load Dog will travel your vehicle to any position desired.  This is achieved by using 2 pull cylinders(one on the RF and one on the RR).  Additional bracketry may be required to “lift” your rear suspension to simulate lateral forces or rear end drive forces.  Scale stand boxes come with removable roll offs and all stands have adjustable leveling feet.

The Load Dog will tell you your vertical wheel loads at any position of your travel on the track.  Ideally you would use a data acquisition system to travel your car exactly to the point it does on track. Travel indicators mounted on shocks or the car can be a secondary method to compare travel distances.

The Load Dog has hangers built to ease the movement of the longitudinal bars when they are positioned outside of the scale stands.  The roll offs also now have a quick lock system to allow easy removal when needed.  Wheel chalks have also been added to the LR and RR boxes. Options are available for 1.875″, 2.5”, 3”, 4” scale pad heights.  We have left this option open to the racer.  We have been using 1800 lb scales and that would be OK for a dirt car or an asphalt car.

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Number of Pull Actuators

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