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Wes Burton has built race-winning shocks for everything from street stocks to NASCAR Nationwide cars. Wins have come on both dirt and asphalt and have occurred on both ovals and road courses

icon-webdesign The “Load Dog”


The Load Dog is the most affordable and versatile pull-down rig on the market. The easy to use system switches from asphalt to dirt cars in a matter of minutes. Change the way you prepare for an event with state of the art technology in an affordable package. We have 4 options available, the Economy Edition, Asphalt Edition, Dirt Dog Edition, and the Complete Edition.

icon-cmsSpring Tamer

The WBP Spring Tamer is a new concept in the crowded group of spring changers/raters. Changing coil over springs and setting bump stop heights has never been easier. Take your program to the next level by upgrading the way you work with your shocks and springs! 5K load capacity, 14” of travel, movement controlled by an ordinary hand drill, self-powered up to 8 hours when needed and saves spring rates in .csv file formats for comparison. The WBP Spring Tamer allows you to compare bump stop curves combined with spring rates up to target travels


icon-ecommerceWBP Setup Plates

Wheel alignment IS EVERYTHING on your vehicle. You can spend hours plotting your suspension, calculating forces and making changes to find your ideal roll center and jacking forces. Every force is transferred through your tires to the road. Being out of alignment even an 1/8″ can make your vehicle drive terrible and cause handling issues you will never be able to correct.

Our setup plates replace your wheels/tires and give u the most accurate measuring method in racing. They also allow u more room to make changes to your suspension. Check rear end contact patch alignment to the chassis and front contact patches. Set caster/camber, front/rear toe, wheelbase without guessing with bubble levels. Accurately check Ackerman as well. Swivel feet adjust the height to match most full size tires.



Push-Up Shocks

Sending the rear end through travel off the race track has been a challenge for dirt teams for a very long time… until now! With our unique push-up shock it can be as easy as replacing your LR shock and activating a hydraulic pump.

icon-marketingPull Down Shocks

Our pull down shocks are one of the most versatile products we offer. With a built in pressure gauge the unit can be used to create wheel/spring rate plots or even rate sway bars. Just record the pressures and travels into our spreadsheet and it will calculate the forces and rates for you.

Use it to travel you big spring car to check helix alignment. Add an extra mount to your vehicle and check bump stop travels too. Keep your setup plate installed and travel your suspension to check your bump steer.

We have option to fit any shock center to center dimension. For $600 this might be the best value we offer.


icon-hostingGeometry Service

Your vehicles geometry is everything. Center of gravity height and roll centers dictate how the vehicle weight is transferred to the ground. Add in springs, shocks, sway bars, track bars, watts link’s, tires and you have what seems to be a very difficult equation.

WBP geometry services can pin point handling problems your experiencing and more importantly correct those problems. You will also learn more about your vehicle and develop tools to tune your vehicle.

This service also points out changes that will need to be made for different track parameters.


icon-cmsData Acquisition

Have you ever been in a situation where you can’t tell if it’s the driver or the car? If the driver says one thing but the hot data and times say something different? The data acquisition program helps us dig deeper into the problems you may be experiencing with the car or driver.