Spring Tamer Elite

The spring changer has been split into 2 versions.  The base model which has a digital travel display and digital load cell display. The Spring Tamer Elite is the tablet version of the Tamer.  We have since upgraded the tablet to a 10” Acer model, as well as finished the development of the spring rating software.  Currently you can rate coil over springs, bump stops and combined systems(coil over and bump stop as on the car).  We have rated standard flat to flat springs from 5” down to 1 7/8” diameter.  The software allows you to go back and compare up to 5 graphs at anytime.  Slide bars allow you to check rate at any point on the plot.  Other features allow you to zero travel and load before testing. With a bump-stick you can accurately rate bump-springs and bump-stops as well as compare them side by side on the software.

14″ c/c to 26″ c/c (12″ total travel)
5000 lb load capacity
Precise movement through screw jack, can turn by hand or with ratchet to get the perfect travel
No air compressor or bottle jacks needed.  Ordinary hand drill speeds up the process and keeps cost down
Load and unload springs without extra attachments.
Rate bump stops, bump springs, coil over springs in motion
Small footprint in shop.

“Big Spring” adapters (5″ and 5.5″ pigtail springs, 5″ rear springs)

There are a lot of “spring changers” on the market these days.  We have been working on the Spring Tamer for over 4 years now and after enough requests and interest decided to bring it to market.